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President's Corner


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ACSC Member Benefits


Mission Statement:

The mission of the President’s Corner is to have one area online at Shagdance.com to provide Presidents, their board members, and others that will find this information useful, a place to find information for the success of their ACSC Shag Club

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ACSC President’s Binder-2014 Winter Workshop


The pages below are in the order you would want to consider having them in your binder.  Feel free to add anything that you think will make your binder an even more effective tool for you and your club.


1) New President's Orientaition

2) CoverdocumentPresidentsBinder.pdf –Title page for each officer or however desired.

3) Materialsneeded.pdf – List of what you will need to make the binder,

4) MottoMission.pdf – This area is for your motto and mission statement and other organizations your club has membership.

5) OfficersBoardMembers.pdf – This is your organizational chart for officers.

6) Committees.pdf – This is your organizational chart for committees.

7) CalendarOfClubEvents.pdf – This is your calendars for general membership meetings, board meetings and parties.  Also, calendar of ACSC, SOS, and Workshop meetings.

8) OfficersJobDescriptions.pdf – Job descriptions of all officers.

9) OfficersTimeline.pdf – Timeline of duties for each officer.

9) ImportantTools.pdf – Put the important tools for your organization here.

11) MinutesAndLists.pdf – Minutes, Gals, and tax information.

12) ACSCInformaton.pdf – Include all ACSC and SOS handouts here.

13) SmallBinder.pdf – Include all party flyers here.

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History of ACSC and SOS-Useful Articles To Better Understand The History of ACSC and SOS


ACSC-SOS0001.pdf-SOS in Retrospect-A brief history, by Dr. Phil Sawyer

Article on SOS.pdf-SOS, by Helen Still

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Miscellaneous Letters to the President's

 ACSCAppreciationLetter2014.pdf - ACSC Board Team Letter to Presidents

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E-Notes - January 2020


E-Notes-March 2019


E-Notes-June 2019

E-Notes-August 2019


E-Notes-February 2018

E-Notes-March 2018

E-Notes-May 2018

E-Notes-June 2018

E-Notes-October-November 2018

E-Notes-December 2018



E-Notes-February 2017

E-Notes-March 2017


E-Notes-May 2017


E-Notes-June 2017


E-Notes-July 2017


E-Notes-August 2017


E-Notes-October 2017


E-Notes-NovDec 2017


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E-Notes-January 2016

E-Notes-February 2016

E-Notes-March 2016

E-Notes-April 2016

E-Notes-May 2016

E-Notes-June 2016

E-Notes-July 2016

E-Notes-August 2016

E-Notes-October 2016

E-Notes-November 2016

E-Notes-December 2016

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E-Notes-January 2015

E-Notes-February 2015

E-Notes-March 2015

E-Notes-April 2015

E-Notes-MAY 2015

E-Notes-June 2015

E-Notes-July 2015

E-Notes-August 2015

E-Notes-September 2015

E-Notes-October 2015

E-Notes-November 2015

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E Highlights of the ACSC Mid Winter Business meeting.pdf

E-Notes-August 2014

E-Notes-September 2014

E-Notes-October 2014

E-Notes-November 2014

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  2014 Winter Workshop hosted by the Palmetto Shag Club in Columbia, SC:

a) Shag Atlanta - Lester Stokes
b)Mountain Empire Shag Society - Sharon Vaughn
c) Steel City Boogie Club - Minette Thompson

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2014 Summer Workshop

Operation Preserve Shag



2015 Winter Workshop

2015 Winter Workshop Flyer

2015 ACSC Winter Workshop Talk

2015 MidWinter Workshop Presentation

2015 Good Morning and welcome to our first MidWinter/Winter Workshop

2015 Summer Workshop

2015 Summer Workshop Flyer

2015 Fun Sunday Flyer

2015 Fun Monday Flyer

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2016 Winter Workshop

2016 Winter Workshop Flyer

2018 Winter Workshop

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Benefits of Being a Member of ACSC

Tips And Tidbits Editions-Newsletter for ACSC Shag Club Presidents, Board Members And All Those Who Might Benefit







Tips & TidbitsMay14issue6.pdf




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