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SOS works closely with a number of the most popular lounges on OD. With the support of and relationship with the SOS lounges, stranders are able to get the most from their membership. SOS members have unlimited access with no cover charge to the following lounges during BOTH of the ten day SOS events each year and the Mid-Winter Break. Please visit each of the SOS lounges during your beach trips.

DJ Schedules, Events, and Shag Workshops at:
Ducks & Ducks II Fat Harold's OD Arcade OD Beach & Golf Resort Deckerz Pirate's Cove

Duck's Beach Club

The newly remodeled Ducks complex has lots to offer shaggers. Four dance floors, three bars, & a great grill to boot. Click here to check out Ducks. Closer to SOS you should find their schedules for DJs & events posted.

Duck's Schedules & Events

Balock-Floyd - Duck's Workshops Schedules

Fat Harold's Beach Club

Fat Harold's is a local favorite at North Myrtle Beach. Harold's has two seperate rooms with a dance floor, a DJ, & a bar in each. Don't forget the famous Shag City Grill that features great food & a bar of it's own. Click here to visit Fat Harold's. Closer to SOS you should find their schedules for DJs & events posted.

Fat Harold's Schedules Schedules

Charlie & Jackie's Workshops

The OD Arcade

Welcome to the biggest little bar on OD. The Arcade has loyal a following that calls this joint home. The Arcade has a great dance floor and the best front porch on the beach. Plus, the Arcade is known for having the best lunch specials on OD.

OD Arcade Schedules

Rookies Revenge

Old School

Smoothie Contest

Ashley & Tobitha Shag Workshop

The OD Beach and Golf Resort

The OD Resort, or the hotel at the horseshoe, has lots to offer. There are three seperate lounges to choose from. They have the world famous Spanish Galleon, the Beach Club, & HOTO'S with different bars & DJs at each club. The Resort even offers a smoke free lounge. To cap it off the Shagger's Hall of Fame is housed at this beach front oasis. Click here to visit the hotel at the horseshoe.

Spanish Galleon Schedules & Events

Sam & Lisa West - OD Resort Ballroom

HOTO'S Schedules & Events


Deckerz Schedules & Events


Pirate's Cove Bar & Grill


Pirates Cove Schedules & Events